W52 Project 2012 - Miikka Skaffari Music Photography

My Mamiya and few 4x5 film holders.

I took a day this week to shoot with my old film cameras. This shows the biggest problem with film compared to digital. Only today (sunday) I managed to get the film into the shop to be processed. I'll get it back earliest on Tuesday and then have to scan and edit the photos. This can also be a good thing, as the whole process is slower, it forces me to think about the photography in a very different way. I can't just shoot, shoot, shoot and pick the best one. I also can't see the pictures during the shoot, so I can't make adjustments based on the results. I have to know how I'm exposing the film. I believe that in the long run this will make me better photographer, especially with camera technique. I believe it will be easier and faster for me to pick the right technique for the shots I'm working on.