W52 Project 2012 - Miikka Skaffari Music Photography

3/12/2012, Welcome to San Francisco

This is an idea that I blatantly stole from our designer Keenan. Click on the image to see it on lightbox.

Few words about the process;

1) Set your Camera Awesome to automatically process the pictures. There's plenty of effects to choose from
2) Shoot a set of photos with Slow Burst mode. It's good to prop the phone against something steady or use some nifty tripod-like apparatus for your phone
3) Import the set of images into Photoshop as layers
4) Align layers if you don't want the resulting gif to be shaky
5) Create frame animation using Timeline tool that is found under "Window" (CS6). Make the animation loop forever.
6) Crop the image to desired size
7) Save for Web & Devices and select GIF as filetype.


From Camera Awesome Photos